Monday, September 29, 2008

Black and White

Much thanks to Abraham Lincoln for identifying this bird as the "Black-and-white-Warbler.

This cute little bird was tough to photograph. It rarely stood still long enough for me to get a decent photo. I wonder if Abe Lincoln can identify this little guy.


  1. il ne nous manque que le chant de cet oiseau. superbe
    we will be missing is the song of this bird. superb

  2. That is exquisite. The osest bird family it remebeld in the UK is the tit family. It's a lot like what we call a coaltit, but that have blacheads. He's absolutely gorgeous. Interested to knwo what this is.

  3. If anybody knows, Abe knows! Nice capture, I know birds take alot of patience!

  4. Yep Abe will know. Nice capture. Did you climb that tree to get it???

  5. Yes, it is a "Black and white Warbler." They are sort of wide spread through this area but the path goes way up into Canada too and obviously over to your state.

    It has a really high-pitched, back-and-forth song that really gets to my ears.

    Not sure you will be able to cut and paste that in to hear the song.

    It is really called a "Black-and-white-Warbler."

    Your photo of it is just right. I was able to make it larger to see the details and matched them with information I have.

    Oh, and thanks for the visit.

  6. Nice shot! I'm at my parent's place right now for a visit and they have many birds here. I'm hoping to get some good shots. We'll see!

  7. Its the mint humbug bird! Great shot.