Thursday, January 24, 2008

At the Movies

Hand held.
I was amazed how this turned out while handholding my camera and how clear it is at an elevated ISO. This is our town's movie house just across it's parking lot is the 'Bou where we can be seen nearly every weekend morning. Stop by the 'Bou some weekend morning, I'll buy ou a buy the scones. ;-)


  1. Thats a really clear, crisp shot. Nicely taken. Looks like a nice looking cinema.

  2. chrystal clear! and great colours!

  3. Wow! Hand held? What ISO? My post today was also hand-held, but I was freezing and making bad decisions. Good job!

    - Mitch in Minneapolis

  4. I used 400 ISO, f4.5, at 1/13 a second, and 24mm, I was quite close to the entry. And it was relatively warm that night. I also like to use the multiple shots feature while holding down the shutter.

  5. la photo est très belle, très graphique et j'aime bien ces couleurs
    The picture is very beautiful, very graphic and I like these colors