Saturday, January 26, 2008

Old Bass - Great Sound

A bass with character. From a jazz ensamble, Reception Jazz, at my friend's 40th birthday party. This bass was made in Czechslovakia based off a german design.

It's age is uncertain, but approximated to be150 years old. It's current owner has owned this bass for 10 years. It was purchased from a friend's workshop where it was stored for untold years in the attic. This bass was the best of three, well worn, but it still produces great sound.

For more information about this excellent jazz band and to see the bass in action, please see their website.

"The string around it is a temporary repair that I have made to help support a brace that runs along the inside of the bass".


  1. All That Jazz...gotta love it! I'll bet that it does have a great sound.

  2. this picture is great - can almost hear the sounds... good ol' jazz...

  3. What a lovely instrument.....I bet there are stories it could tell.

  4. le d├ętail est magnifique.
    The detail is magnificent.

  5. A wonderful photo; like Olivier, I love the detail.