Sunday, January 20, 2008

Mr. Krabs

A trip to the south metro for dinner with friends. First was skating on the backyard ice rink and camp fire to warm by. Perfect for building up an apetite. We took turns sliding downhill with the children, (and kids like me of all ages). ;-) Later was this fabulous meal! Poor Mr. Krabs lost his legs. Thanks MK for a great evening!


  1. Dusty, you and Isadora (Budapest) have recently been eating what I'll be cooking today and tomorrow: sushi and king crab (bought the ingredients yesterday!). Funny how CDPBers from around the world will post (or eat) similar things around the same time. :)

  2. Poor Mr. Krabs, how could you!

    Please pass me a leg please I have some butter. Yumm

  3. Fenix was right no wonder the expression 'great minds think alike' came about.

    The legs look inviting and just delish and there is just about enough for me....but what will all those other plates be filled with? Oh, never mind - there is salad for them :)

  4. Really, very good the dinner, but the tea with the honey I do not see my friend.
    Good it is you throw in in the tea, and few drops fresh lemon.
    I thank for the visit and your comments.

  5. It sounds like you had a good time and the food looks great.

  6. Fun times with great friends. A perfect January evening in Minnesota.


    ps: What an honor to see this here.

  7. Yummy! One of my favorites!
    Now I"m hungry!