Friday, January 4, 2008

Ronald Mcvisited

McBack in September of last year, the 15th to be exact, I posted a photo about the McDemolition of a certain fast "food" restaurant.

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The long wait of anticipation is over. Ronald is back in his new kitchen flipping burgers one after another in his fancy new McRestaurant.
And look, it is the same view, the same tree, the same Mcsign. Except we are missing out on their "free small hot coffee".

Now Open!


  1. Wonderful HDR (?) shot. very beautiful colors

  2. Very droll. The ridiculous and the sublime.

  3. Can't miss the golden arches!

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  4. They so no matter where in the world that you go the food from McDonalds is always going to taste the same.

    So much bad food around the world then! (I hate McDonalds food)


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