Friday, January 25, 2008

French Boule

Baking artisan breads is my other wintertime hobby besides photography. It allstarted with a bread machine and a converted recipe for bread machine baked Italian Panettone. I modified this recipe to reflect a more authentic Panettone. This proved disasterous for my bread machine.

Off to William Sonoma for a shopping spree, a Kitchenaide stand mixer, Pizza peel, baking stone, and other baking essentials and books. The stand mixer is the only piece of machinery I use, other than the electric oven.

Here is my French Baguette...boule, rather. boules are easier to make, plus this makes great sandwich bread.


  1. le bon pain a la française, il ne manque que l'odeur du four a pain.
    A good French bread, only the smell of a bread oven.

  2. Lovely! May I have a slice with Irish butter and a lil bit of strawberry jam? Thank you! :)

    Great looking boule, Dusty.

    I bake artisan breads too, but I do the whole thing by hand (you'll see a hint of the base of my KA in many of my foot shots, but I hardly ever use it - it was one of those impulse buys), anyway, back to the bread, I started making bread only two or so years ago, when the "no-knead bread" craze swept the nation, remember? I still make the NN bread, but I've come up with one I like a lot more (the difference is this one I knead it by hand only five minutes, proof until double in size, knead again for a few seconds, letter-fold, let rise again and bake it in the cast iron pot, no-knead bread style.) I made this one last week.

  3. I love fresh bread. It looks good enough to eat!

  4. That bread is truly an art form, just beautiful!

    I want to see a pic of the mixer you chose... :)

  5. MMMmmmmm....looks yummy!
    You are very talented!

  6. Hey, when I return in April, Twin Cities bloggers need to meet so you can treat us with your wonderful pastries and breads. There's more than one way to celebrate your talents!!

  7. Ok, Ok - this probably would not hurt as much if bread was not one of my major weaknesses. I will only eat it fresh and those only with a crispy crust - but it is not something I've ever succeeded in making :(

  8. The willow basket makes the bread even more authentic. Great looking loaf! No doubt it tasted just as good as it looks!