Thursday, February 28, 2008

Big Ass Fan Spins Again

Last June, I posted about the Big Ass Fan over my fabric box in the cube farm I reside in Monday thru Friday. (see link below) Prairie dog style, we see this Big Ass Fan in action from across the cube farm from RB's deskal space looking toward the front door.

It does a great job of moving air around as we need it. Being that I am directly under it, I tend to get the most refreshing air. Although when it is cranked up, paper weights are needed. But a small price to pay for the more temperate cubicle weather in this large 28 box cubical farm.
Maybe next time I'll provide a movie clip. Or, a cool HDR image, but the fan needs to be turned off. I wonder if RB is up to staying late at the office some evening to turn the fan off...


  1. This post made me laugh out loud (which amused Miss Daisy a bit :). Your office is very nice. I wish that we had an overhead fan in ours. We have a bank of windows along one side, which is nice, but it gets hot in the summer.

  2. I visited a building the other day where all the cubicles were lined up against the floor-to-ceiling windows and the manager/VP offices were right in the center of the building and had no windows. It was very weird, but it made a lot of sense. The people who work the most get the best light/views... ;)

    That fan is something else!

  3. We have a BAF at my gym, and the first time I saw the logo, it made me laugh and point. It must be funny to have one at work, and to have paperweights become something more functional than decorative.

  4. I'm glad to see you are still enjoying your Big Ass Fan. If you ever need a swag refill just send me an email.

    Fanny the Donkey
    Big Ass Fans Mascot & Shadow CEO

  5. Wow! That really is a big ass fan! Holy fan blades, Batman!