Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Red Refuse

02/05/08 - 2
2007 is gone, so is the Coke.

02/05/08 - 1

Cart Corral.
Carts tend to wander off on their own.

It is Tuesday, Fat Tuesday...and, (sigh) Super Tuesday. Theological promises of Resurection and Redemption . Political promises to be broken and forgotten.


  1. A superb red on snow.
    very well done

  2. tes photos sont très belles et la bêtise humaine sans limite.
    Heureusement il y a les Giants et leurs superbes maillots blancs (comme la neige) ;o)

    Your photos are very beautiful and human stupidity knows no bounds.
    Fortunately there are the Giants and their beautiful white jerseys (like snow); o)

  3. You've got a red-on-snow theme going on over the last few days. You've got some great photos today.

  4. I love these photos...the red on the snow is always stunning.

    We live for Fat Tuesday each year... :)

  5. Fat Tuesday was wild last as it ended Carnaval in Mazatlan! I can assure you that more than Coke was being drunk!!