Sunday, February 24, 2008

Two Things Challenge: Box / Car


My Fabric Box, a part of a small cubical farm. This is the Box I sit in Monday thru Friday, from 7:30 AM to around 5:00 PM. I managed to spend a few minutes straightening up the place to ake it look good for the pic. I have a great view of the the back wall and the Big Ass Fan that spins above my head. More on this fan below:


There's only One - Jeep.

And I own it. My 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee with about 192,000 miles on it. 4.0 Litre, Quadratrac, and it gets pretty decent mileage for this type of vehicle at 24 MPG on the highway. Not great, but not too bad either, especially for full time four wheel drive. (Considering our Mercury Sable only got 22 MPG) Covered with road grime and salt spray since last December. I should have it washed one of these days.

There we have it, my first entry for this fun Two Things Challenge.


  1. Love your 2 things entries, it shows real thought. I worked in one of these boxes for a few years and it looked just like yours. Seen one box, you seen them all hehe. And I drive a 1995 Jeep Cherokee too with around the same number of miles. Mine is a Sport though. I'm hoping it will make 200,000 and then I'll be ready to retire it to the barn to be used only for taking dogs for rides. lol!

  2. Oh my. I can see why I like my office that looks out on my backyard and nature all around. I went through this ritual ages ago or so it seems now. These days I can sit back and sip hot coffee and munch of toast while the cars slip and slide past the house on their way somewhere. I don't envy you your position in the box or in the car. Retirement is so nice when you do it young.

  3. brrrrrr to the office - with the age I get claustrophobic... but yummy to the car. I have always liked the Grand Cherokees.

  4. Great entries! I love your interpretion of box, because that's what offices often are, you are all boxed in, but great you can still let your imagination work on a computer like this.

    Love the car. A proper car, we have a four wheel drive too.

  5. Great photos for the challenge, though the box looks grim! Do you have sight of a window?

  6. Your cubicle looks better than my cubicle. I need to talk to my boss.

  7. I guess the same thing happened there as here. They opened up all the office space, found no-one was getting any work done and closed everyone in to even smaller spaces. The worst thing is you lose space without gaining privacy or quiet. Argh - no wonder you like to escape in your Jeep.
    Great entry.

  8. I'd love a cubicle in my life right now. Jobs with offices, I've decided, are highly overrated and no fun. Some of my best work memories involve being a part of Cubeland.

    Excellent interpretation of this week's challenge. I'm glad you've joined the fun!