Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I'm Thinking Arby's Tonight

Or, maybe not.
Fast "food" on Highway 169, just in front of Super Target at 120th Ave.
A pseudo-realistic look from 3 images. I really like messing around with this HDR imagery.

James Tillich ate here.

This image is tonemapped considerably eyond the realistic extent. Really quite fun to create, but I am thinking I prefer the more realstic look like the first photo. Look for more of this, (but not too many) in the future. I'll let you be the judge, which do you prefer, the fisrt photo or second photo?


  1. I like the first photo in the smaller version and the second photo in the enlarged version. :)

  2. Very nice night photo.
    I prefer first one but tiny bit sharpen up with your photo editor could make a difference.
    To me the second one is too much but everyone has own taste.

  3. I saw the first version on the Portal and it drew me right in. All those warm reds with that cool cobalt blue just look spectacular. I have a theory that our eyes will very soon prefer more natural images than the heavily saturated and tweaked "shopped" images so many digital photo enthusiasts are producing now. But, experiment and have fun with it!
    Seattle Daily Photo

  4. The second by far, kinda has that Les Kuba feel to it.

  5. I like the first one.

  6. The last one is good fun, but I prefer the first real photo.

  7. First photo is milder and soft in the eyes, second is enhanced and lovely but the snow looks so slippery...

  8. I didn't click on either photo, but I like the effect in the second one very much--it reminds me of those old-time linen post cars, at least I think that's what they're called. Neat!