Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Leap Day

This year is Leap Year and today is Leap Day. Have a great extra day. This really should be a paid National Holiday. Leap year only comes once every four years; we should spend this day celebrating this 1/4 event marvel.

I was just made aware of a good argument to have this day off. For those who are salaried employees, we're working for free today. As TN from our office stated, "After doing a bit of number crunching it is worse than I’d suspected. It turns out that instead of 2080 hours of weekday, this year we have 2096".

Now I have not verified these numbers, but somehow, I feel cheated. I'm thinking I shall spend the rest of today surfing the web, City Daily Photos, checking gmial, and perhaps playing some Guitar Hero in the conference room's plasma TV monitor.

OK, ok, back to work. Sheesh, you'd think after all the taxes extorted from us we'd get a small break. 'Course not. (Why worry about Tony Soprano when we have the Senate?)


  1. I'm with you, yes, this really should be a paid National Holiday. Sixteen more hours, huh? :(

    That plant is getting huge.

  2. I feel the same way. There was a time when my workplace blocked blogger. You can imagine the injustice! Not for me of course, I work all day.

  3. My cousin has her birthday today. I know she agrees with you, she has to wait so long to celebrate it!

  4. Sounds like a good plan for your day! I know that my place of work gets more hours from me than I am paid for.

    Happy Leap Day!

  5. I like the photo but I like what your saying even more! I've been saying we should get today off. We are working an extra day for no more money. I'm sure that if we were overpaid a day it would soon be taken off of us by the powers that be! We can now spend the next 4 years planning our arguement and making it happen!!

  6. Cool photo! And excellent point about the extra day and working for free. What a jip! (And, amazingly, everyone I mentioned that to yesterday said, "Huh. He's right..."

    P.S. We could use someone like Tony Soprano in Congress. Work might actually get done for a change!