Sunday, July 6, 2008

2 Things Challenge - Work / Book

This week's challenge is Work / Book.
We, along with everyone else, are preparing for the extended 4th of July weekend celebration. I decided to recycle a few photos that depict Work and Book.
I decided not to show you my fabric box where I work Monday thru Friday. It's depressing enough to reside in a cube Farm 5 days a week. Instead, here are some photos that represent the weekend work I enjoy when not bicycling and on photo shoots.
Putting in the docks.
At the cabin, putting in the lake equipment is actually fun work. We prepare for another summer of lakeside fun. Here we are back in May 2007. That's my Pop, standing on the dock supervising. That's me in the lake at the end of the dock in my chest waders. A beautiful sunny 65 degree, (18 degree C.), May afternoon. Yes, that white stuff you see on the lake is ice. It kept bumping into me as I try to level the dock.

The wood Pile.

Nothing like taking your week's worth of commuting aggravation out on a log pile with a splitting maul. Work. May sound silly, but there is satisfaction of reducing this pile of stove length cut logs into firewood. I have a lot of work to do here.

Ah, you read me like a book. After all that work of spending the day splitting wood, a Finnish style wood burning sauna is the perfect way to relax. The 200 degree heat, (approx. 94 degrees C.), is great on the sore aching back muscles.

'nuff said

The deck at home, a place to read a book.
Actually my cook book magazines. Right now, I am reading Bella Tuscany by Frances Mayes. Next up is either Canoeing with the Cree by Eric Sevareid or A Walk in the woods by Bill Bryson. But back to my photo; on the table is my stack of La Cucina Italiana magazine. Filled with excellent recipes. I'm looking for another variation of Chicken Saltimboca to cook. The other night, my wife made Chicken saltimboca from Giada De Laurentiis' cook book. Which was fabulous.

Our bookshelf in the spare room of favorite books. Missing is the complete works of William Shakespeare. I read that just for fun.

There is is, work and Book. Hope you had a fun weekend.


  1. Oh my gosh, ICE CHUNKS ??!! YOu are brave! That shot is so amazing because I remember while looking at that just how cold it was, and how long we waited for this summer! I hope you got to do some fishing and boating this 4th; did ya?
    Great posting as usual.
    Oh and I like the deck shot, looks comfy and reminds me of this morning enjoying peanut butter toast and coffee while reading the Wall Street Journal and the Leader-Telegram on the deck as well.

  2. Very much enjoyed reading this,and looking at the pictures. It looks like you certainly know how to enjoy life, and I think you have got the work/life balance just right. I agree that chopping logs must be a great antidote for all the brainwork during the week.

    I have read that 'Walk In The Woods', and would highly recommend it, so get reading! Very, very funny.

    For some reason reading this I thought of some film where people had a sauna and then ran starkers along a jetty and jumped into a lake. Don't know why I would think that LOL

  3. A lovely life and a lovely setting to live it in. I know what you mean about work being not work when doing things that give you pleasure. My chores here at BBR seldom feel like work...

  4. I cant imagine working in the lake with ice in it. I cant imagine even working in a lake. It looks hard, but when we choose to do something instead of having to do it, it seems easier.

    All of the pictures are great.

  5. i love your photos as always. I am still trying to figure out your Two Things. Maybe you can bring me up to speed on that. I love looking at the ones I've seen and am always intrigued by your choices. I lived in Wisconsin for one year. I'm not even going to discuss COLD as i have never known it. If you don't think it's work, then go forth and have fun in that icy lake! Wouldn't want to swim in it, but it certainly looks like a lovely place to relax, read and unwind.

  6. I love seeing these!!! What fun photos at the lake ... beautiful!!! Ice in May ... brrr ...

    Love your sign!!

    Great place to read.
    ~ Diane Clancy

  7. Great series. I think I'd admire the ice chunks in the lake from afar. And anyone who had Douglas Adams on their shelf is ok in my book.

  8. Ahh, Douglas Adams and Mark Twain. Superb. 42!!! Sorry, it just slipped out.

    And, I love to "chunky dip" too. Though some say I'm not chunky, but I'm certainly not skinny!

    I think I'd skip the work in those top two photos, but to each his own... ;-)

  9. My stock answer is often 42, to mixed reations. I am always concerned about people who don't read, good to see so many and varied books. Ice chunks, I will admire from afar throguh your wondeful post today. Really nice read and images to accompany it.

  10. Great set of photos and love the commentary. Life without books? I can't imagine it. Hope your July 4 weekend was great. I was in an airplane on July 4 flying from Salt Lake City to JFK to Nice. zzzzzz except I didn't. I did read tho.

  11. Wonderful snippets of life, all work and no play makes for a dull existence. Looks like you've got the right idea and a beautiful place to relax.

    Bryson's " A Walk in the Woods" one of my all time favorites. I've read most of his stuff and this is best.

    I didn't even want to think about work for this post.