Monday, July 14, 2008

Walleye Report

The Lido Deck, trolling the calm waters of Lake Vermilion. protected from the wind behind an island.

Relatively calm before we head out onto the lake before the wind really began to blow.
Lake Vermilion, midday sun, and mayflys, who'd have thunk walleyes could be caught at 2 in the afternoon?

But catch them we did. No, nothing huge by Mille Lacs standards, but the fishing was consistent. The first walleye caught was a little 11 inch 'wally', cute. Then I caught a 16 inch walleye, then another 16, then a 16.5 and two more 16.5's caught by both Mrs. D Lens and I.
We got into the slot fish with a nice 17 inch fish caught. Slot limit for Lake Vermilion is 17 to 26 inches in length, all walleyes must be released back into the lake. Mrs. D Lens reeled in a fat 17.5 inch walleye, the largest of the day. I lost count, that's when we went in out of the sun, I had burnt the tops of my feet in the midday sun.

All this fishing success was during a major mayfly hatch, trolling on the bottom, 20 feet down. We trolled with the wind, into the wind, across the wind. The best maneuver was to troll into the wind at level 8 on the electric trolling motor.

We fought the waves with the bow of the boat scaling up waves, breaching the crest. The waves were quite large, large enough to produce whitecaps. As we topped each wave crest the trolling motor prop came out of the water sending spray in a whirligig manner. Down we crashed into the trough of waves, sending spray out from both sides of the boat. Water surged over the bow and onto the Lido deck where I skipper from. Mrs. D Lens fishes in back on the spacious Promenade Deck and reported to be high and dry, but bounced around enjoying the ride.

Up and down we pounded these waves, each time we hit a wave, the boat jolted and shuddered; just like the Cornelia Marie on the Deadliest Catch cable television series. Crashing into waves, frantically reeling in fish, equipment , bait cast reel over run with fish on, tangled lines. But this action in the wind and waves produced the walleyes we sought.

OK, so it wasn't quite like the Cornelia Marie on the Bering Sea nor an episode of Deadliest Catch. But we were in Big Bay and Lake Vermilion is loaded with rusty crayfish. I did get my feet wet, and my Lipton Green Tea spilled over from crashing into the waves.

The Rob Report
Reporting from the safety wihin my fabric box. Cubicle 2 Row 1


  1. After the long, cold winter I know you're happy now...even with the rough "seas"!

  2. Sounds like fun, where was gilligan?

  3. I loved your blow by blow this morning. I still don't get it. Why people fish if they are going to let them go?? I grew up watching my granddaddy fish for bream with a cane pole. I always knew there was a fish fry waitin' to happen when we got home. Fish = fish fry. Plain and simple. My friend tells me it's all about the sport of just outsmarting them. WEll, whatever floats your boat. (now that was a terrible pun, sorry).
    PS Loved your photos and Mrs. D.L. sounds like a trooper!

  4. Yarrr!

    Call me Ishmael, but I can't remember the last time I read such an engaging account of fishing! I think you may have inspired me to take my kids down to the Fox River today.

  5. Oh, man, I was cracking up! This was just what I needed this afternoon. I almost could see your boat like in the "deadliest catch" way, up and down! Good tales, and good fishing is always a week-lifter for sure. I think some fishing is in order for me this weekend. Oh--and then I love the sign off about the "fabric cubicle"!! what a hoot!!