Thursday, July 31, 2008

Coffee Shop Down

Dunn Brothers in Champlin is closed. Sad to see this happen, but sadly, a sign of the times.
No, you are right, this is not a spectacular image; just a bit of news from the north metro.


  1. I read that even Starbucks was closing down hundreds of branches. It's a pity though I would have liked a caramel latte macchiato...and an ice cream..

  2. Echoing Angela's comment - even the might Starbucks is hurting, so no wonder these smaller shops. It is a shame.

  3. Ahhh yes, this is truly a sign of the times. Who can afford to buy gas AND specialized coffees.

    I've enjoyed looking through some of your photos. I especially like the daisy and the free-thinking leaf.

  4. hmmmm.........
    Sad and discouraging. "Louis" is happy to see that Starbucks is closing stores. They over-did it. It seemed they were putting Starbucks in the restrooms of Starbucks. And they are infamous for 'cluster bombing' competitors. One independent operator in Northern California had 4 stores. Starbucks 'cluster bombed' him with 16 stores around his 4. Shut him down. "Louis" hates to see these independents close.

  5. I used to drive 18 miles to this Dunn Bros. The store itself was great for spending a couple hours working, and the staff was very friendly.

    However, part of the reason it was so nice to work at was that it was never crowded. The location wasn't great, and it would be a pain to get in and out of from 169 for anyone who was in a hurry.

    I spent a lot of money in that store, but unfortunately it takes more than one customer to keep a place open.