Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Garden Remix

I hope everyone had a fun and safe 4th of July weekend. We just returned home, Monday night, from a 5 day weekend at the lake. There are way too many photos to go through and post, maybe some fish pic portraits Mrs. Dusty Lens took.
Leather Ear
The hearty hosta, brilliant green and excellent patterns and texture.

Lavender Fields
Lavender colored tulips wave in the breeze.


  1. le champs de tulipe couleur lavande est magnifique, on dirait de la 3D. Superbe effet.

    the tulip fields of lavender color is beautiful, it looks like the 3D. Superb.

  2. OMG the "lavender fields" pic is beautiful.

  3. Oh, those lavender tulips are stunning! Wow.

  4. Great job on the photo shop! They look so real!! Where's the bunny?
    Ever tried grape tulip wine?

  5. Dusty,
    I recommend you take those hosta leaves, dry them out on a sun baked rock. Afterwards roll 'em up tightly and smoke it. You'll get the same rush as you get from grape tulip wine. Then for our amusement, get your camera out and start shooting pictures. Man, I can't wait to see photo's!

  6. Mr. Kekeroo, I suggest you hightail it up to the north metro where the sun always shines. We'll try that hosta toke and grape tulip wine and hit the golf course and see what happens! Might be our best game...ever