Sunday, July 20, 2008

Two Things Challenge is People / Watch

We went to the Blaine Airport in the north metro to see the vintage airshow. Vintage aircraft from World War II; the P51 Mustang, B25, B24 Liberator, and the B17-G. Impressive airplanes that still fly to airshows around the country. What a joy and honor it was to climb inside both the B24 and B17. Impressive to see what it was like inside, but on the ground. The B17 has a maximum speed of 300mph with a range of 1,850 miles flying at an average height of 25,000 feet. At that altitude, the air temperature was -55 degrees F. And they had the mid section windows open to man the 50 caliber guns. Electric suits 'helped to keep them warm.
Pictured here are people for our 2 Things Challenge People / Watch. We enjoyed watching the retired Service Men tell stories about their experiences flying during the war and listening to them answer questions. Shown here, seated, is Junior Gossel, co-pilot for a B17 Flying Fortress flying 20 missions over Europe.

People watch. Watching people stand in line to climb inside this B17.


  1. I love these old aircraft! I especially love hearing the stories from the men that flew them. I hope they are recorded for future generations.

  2. Excellent contribution to the Two Things Challenge! I love airshows and veterans. Great way to pay tribute to them.

  3. Great shot! I've been to a couple of these shows when I was a kid back in AZ. I don't think you could get in the planes though. How fun!

  4. If you like old war planes you'd love a visit to the U.S.S. Midway here in San Diego. Wonderful pics! I like old war planes and taking the time to talk with the Veterans to here there stories up close and personal.