Thursday, October 2, 2008

Gold Finger

The Wells Fargo Center, formerly known as the Norwest Center. 774 (236 meters) tall, with 57 floors. The third tallest building in Minnesota; behind 225 South Sixth Tower and IDS Center. In 2000, it was recognized by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) as one of the 100 most energy efficient buildings in the USA. (from Wikipedia).

Bolero - Pink Martini

Bolero by Pink Martini! Mrs. DL and I heard this in concert, fabulous in person. Why Bolero in this post you ask? The answer is deep in the recesses of my cranium matter. After capturing this image, I knew I had to call it Goldfinger, from the James Bond 007 movie. What's more fitting than this tune to accompany Sean Connery and Honor Blackman?

Exposure: 0.6 sec (3/5)

Aperture: f/5.6

Focal Length: 24 mm
ISO Speed: 200


  1. That is an excellent one, Dusty Lens!!

  2. Great night shot... incredible building...

  3. majestueux, tes photos de nuit me laissent rêveur.

    majestic, your photos at night leave me dreamer.

  4. Awesome goldfinger!!! All your photos are fantastic!

  5. Wait! How did you get Bolero?

    Excellent picture, Rob! Very, very cool. And Goldfinger was as campy Bond as they get. Can't wait for Quantum of Solace in November. Should we organize a movie night among fellow bloggers and all go see it on the same night?

  6. P.S. Per P.M. and Bolero, this recorded version is good, but it's so much better live!

  7. Beautiful photo of my employer's building. Now you know why I travel to Minneapolis from time to time. However, sadly I don't ever spend time in this building. I'm always at 255 2nd Ave.

  8. Just stop it!!! Right now! If I see one more fabulous shot of your fine city I am selling my camera for 10cents on the dollar and quitting. Every day they get better and better.

    Will have to come back later for Pink Martini. I'm off the to museum to work and it's pokey loading. Tata.

  9. OK, I just love this's stunning! And the Goldfinger title and references to James Bond are perfect! My husband and I are huge James Bond fans....can't wait for the new movie Quantam of Solace!

  10. Dusty (or is it Mr. Lens?):

    I've once again started trying to stem the tide of pre-Thanksgiving advertising for Christmas. Since you were so nice to become involved last year, perhaps you might be interested again?

  11. HEY DL< Tell that guy you'll help him re. Christmas before Thanksgiving. Remember my photo and rant a week or so ago?
    Also, I am lovin Bolero. I have it blaring on my computer. Fabulous!!!

  12. Excellent photo and Goldfinger describes it so perfectly. Love the music too...just realised I'm typing to the rhythm!