Saturday, October 11, 2008

Remember, Thanksgiving Comes First

(Image courtesy Thanksgiving Corner, FREE Thanksgiving wallpapers are available here as well as Christmas wallpapers.)
Autumn is upon us, then Halloween. It's that time of year again when the malls are filled with displays for the next holiday. The holiday of Christmas.
But what happened to Thanksgiving and Halloween? According the those brilliant corporate marketing agents, the Christmas season begins in August. Remember my post on August 24th?
Christmas displays on August 16th at Costco, a major retail store? Isn't there something inherently wrong with this? Doesn't Thanksgiving come before Christmas?
I do enjoy the Christmas season, the lights, shows, pageantry, music and all that wholesome Christmassy feel. But I do not appriciate it in August or September. Nor do I find it cute in October or November. The Christmas season begins after Thanksgiving; at least it should.
Check out the post at Sludog if you feel the same way. Perhaps one day this blatant comercialisation of Christmas will end.
Merry Retail Sales and Happy Corporate Earnings!


  1. D.L., I had a mega rant in September when I posted Christmas ornaments hanging from the ceiling in a popular shop around here. It use to be that when the stores got all decked out it put you in the mood to think about decorating your own home. Now we are immune to it. And don't get me started on the Christmas music. One station starts it 24-7 on Thanksgiving Day. By Christmas you are ready to throw a shoe at the radio! Yep those merchants have just about ruined a blessed holiday.

  2. You have touched a raw nerve regarding timing and commercialization of holidays. However, I wonder why too many of us fall prey to the marketing tactics and continue this practice?!

  3. I hate how the stores push Christmas on us. I want to have a sense of transition including the celebration of Halloween and Thanksgiving. I suspect this year will be worse than ever given the economy...

  4. Thank you, Dusty. Just happened to have a chance to see this while on our "staycation".


  5. I try not to look in the stores too much - ruins my holiday spirit. I learned from Snapper that it's thanksgiving day in Canada.

  6. I am in agreeance with you. And when they put out Christmas stuff this early it ruins the fun of it. Its what we used to look forward to the day after Thanksgiving, is seeing the "reveal" in the stores. And I hate the commercialism of it all. But what to do about it?
    I guess if enough consumers refused to buy anything before thanksgiving, theyde back off, but I doubt if that would happen.

    Oh well. How was your weekend?