Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Golden Birch

Lakeside view.
Autumn has to be the best season of the year. The autumn colors are enhanced by the sun's low angle. The result are stunning blue skies and vivid colors. Also it helps to have a polarizing filter.

Exposure: 0.05 sec (1/20)
Aperture: f/11
Focal Length: 17 mm
ISO Speed: 100


  1. superbe couleur, constrame entre le ciel et les couleurs de l'automne de l'arbre. J'aurais parie sur un temps de pause plus long.
    superb color, constrame between heaven and colors of the fall of the tree. I bet on a time pause more longer.

  2. Amazing colours ...That's what i like autumn !

  3. Yes, the colors are really nice. It is a beauty.

    We needed rain and are just now getting some. Water will help our trees a lot and the fall color depends on conditions being right.

  4. Lovely composition and colors. I'm hoping to get out this weekend and get some fall shots. A while back we were talking about Minnehaha with Roaming, but looks like that got pre-empted by another Foshay visit.

  5. Reminds me to find my polarizing lens! This is a stunner DL. Gorgeous. We have no color yet. I am worried we might go from green to brown this year!
    thanks again for the Deezer help. It's up and running in by blog today.

  6. Hi there Dusty. Nice photo of the Birch. Looking at Werners comment, it looks like another Foshay visit is scheduled? I cannot attend that one if its on the 25th, I think.
    Previous plans, double-booked, actually. Trying to live in 2 cities, not working well. Ideas for any fall shoot? Maybe we'll have to wait for that and try for something in November?

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  8. Awesome colours! The 'Autumn mist' is absolutely beautiful!

  9. Stunning shot! Looks like y'all are having a great fall.

    I used my dad's polarizing filter for some of my shots at the Grand Canyon. I need to get one of those for myself!

  10. "Louis" isn't sure which he likes most:
    a) the golden birch
    b) the crystalline blue sky
    c) all of the above


  11. Stunning. I've been looking for some Birch trees like the one in your photo to break up the vast array of Maple and Ash colors captured so far.

  12. I like this composition. Good foreground and perfect colorful background. You shot in a wonderful light. Bravo.